Custom Die Production


To get an idea about the maximum dimensions, which we are able to produce, please click here.

We call it "Special Die Production"

An e-mail of a technical drawing, a picture of a profile or just an idea is enough to start designing our profile. Together we decide about the aluminium alloy, its temper, critical tolerances of the profile, its visible surface and so on. Even if your requests don't confirm with DIN norms, we can still accept your requests and produce your profile according to your desired tolerances if it is acceptable by us. After being confirmed on the technical drawing of the profile, we extrude it and then perform desired surface treatment. Best thing about these processes is that you have the comfort of working with only one firm, better to say with GENÇER...

Until you satisfied, responsibility belongs to us...

Gencer mainly produces Door-Window Profiles and Facade Profiles which are Gencer's registered designs (systems) Gencer has over 1000 different Catalog Profiles. Many of these profiles have backup dies and many of them should be tooled after a period of depreciation. This makes a lot of experience. Today many firms ensure producing first quality dies. Unfortunately our point of view; die tooling can not be seperated from extrusion process. Our advice is certainly to work with only one addressee.

Gencer Aluminium - Technical Department