General Manager, Founder - Construction Engineer; Ali Riza Gencer

  • Ankara Main Store, Manager; Ihsan Narsap
    • Sales Manager; Savaş Yanar
  • Accounting & Financing, Genel Manager Assistant; Murat Ordu
  • Sales & Marketing, Genel Manager Assistant; Yasemin Semizoglu
  • Quality Control, Manager; Burhan Turan
  • Production, General Manager Assistant; Alican Gençer
    • Production, Manager; Beyza Kutlutan
      • Re&De, Manager; OGUZ HAN EROL
        • Ozkan Tuna
      • Repair and Maintenance, Manager
      • Production, Manager; Beyza Kutlutan
        • Production Planning, Manager
        • Production Units
          • Extrusion and Billet Casting, Manager; Ahmet Erci
          • Surface Treatments, Chief; Murat Yucel
          • Die Desing & Production, Chief; Resat Gulmez
          • Packing, Chief; Satilmis Eryilmaz
          • Accessories, Chief; Arif Ozbek